Being American


What does it mean to be an American? To be American means you call America your home. You were born in America or immigrated to America and took the right steps to become a citizen. Being American means you are apart of America’s melting pot. America is very diverse and is made up of people who come from all parts of the world. Being an American means we accept diversity and have love for all people. As an American we have constitutional rights and freedoms. We have freedom to make our own choices and become whoever we want to be. We have the freedom to believe in what we want to believe in. We have the freedom to decide our own future. America is a land where people have the chance to make their dreams come true. Being an American means that you are a law abiding, hopeful, kind, and benevolent person who has hope and faith that the United States of American will continue to progress and thrive with all its laws and constitutions. You not only have faith in the United States, but you do what you can to help America be the best it can be by supporting our leaders, volunteering, being honest, and doing what you can to help your fellow man. A good American is tolerant of other people’s religion and cultural background because everyone has worth. A good American follows the laws of the land and supports its leaders even though they might not be who you personally voted for.

Being American is like a wedding vow, you promise to help the other person be the best they can be. You promise to stand beside that person in good times and the bad times. It’s the same as being an American. You promise to help and support the United States of America and to stand beside the country in good times and in the bad. You have faith in the country, you are honest and true to it. You obey the laws of the land. You are a kind, helpful, compassionate human being who does your best to help the country and its citizen succeed.

I am an American! I was born in America and am a citizen of this amazing country. I pledge to always stand with America and be the best person I can be to help make America be a great country.

Proud to be american

Image sources: WordPress


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