Being an American means being in a land of opportunities. It means having the freedom and privileges others don’t have. Being American is being able to live out your Dreams. It means to be given the opportunity to grow. Being American means being able to have an education. It means being able to have stuff without even needing them. Being American is being loving of others. It means accepting others beliefs and differences. Being American means being able to live with each other and learn from each other. It means being proud of who you are.

      I consider myself to be American, because I can live here and not be afraid like other people do in other countries. I can educate myself and not worry about being shot for going to school for being a women and it being consider a threat. I consider myself American because I was raised here. I recived the privileges my parents did not growing up. I can live in freely!






  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. I like how you say, “being an American means having the freedom and privileges others don’t have”. Being an American means freedom of press, religion, and many lower barriers to access for starting a business, access to the greatest military in human history, the ability to be anything we want to be. America was founded on the principle that we all have our God-given rights. To be an American, I believe we need to have an open mind. We need to have a love and respect for our country. Respecting other people’s religion, race, and gender is something America already has but also needs to work on.


  2. I completely agree with you about how America offers so many possibilities. Sometimes it is hard to see how good it is to have so many freedoms until they are taken away. I have been living here since I was eight years old and I plan to retire in this country. Even though I was not born here I definitely feel pride in living in country where voicing my opinion will not cause me to lose my life. I am able to choose who I want to love, where I want to work, how many children I choose to have and have the liberty to be who I really want to be.


  3. I agree with your viewpoints in this post because we are very privileged to live in a country that protects our differences and promotes equality. We take for granted many of the wonderful rights this country has given us including the freedom of speech, and religion which many people in other countries are fighting to establish. All I can remember in my life is being able to do as I please even as a woman, which I know other countries would not be able to happen and society in other countries would not even want me to speak unless spoken to. I feel so blessed to be an American because I can be myself and not feel persecuted because of it.


  4. Hello, I am glad that you are an America however, I disagree with some of the things that you stated. I was born in a third world country and when i went to visited that country a few years ago, there were people walking around with machine guns but no one was scared. They minded their business and so did everyone. In fact they were polite when talking to you. Now compare that to some of the citizens here, people are killing each other, students are killing each other and trying to find ways to justify why or what they are doing. Having the American dream is no longer enough for some. Now days people are killing for the simple things and even sometimes for things that they did not work for. American used to be filled with dreams and desires to attain but now nothing is ever easy and that American dream gets smaller and smaller every time.


  5. Hello fellow American! I enjoy reading your blog post. American is the land of opportunity. We have the power to do whatever it is in life we want to do. We can go to college, work, or start a business. It’s great we can live here and be protected. As Americans we should be accepting and respect other peoples beliefs/religions. That is what makes us such a great country. We are so diversity and can all be united and stand by each other. I am proud to be an American. I am very greatful I was born in America and am a citizen of this amazing country.


  6. I am also proud and fortunate to have all of the privileges that we have as people that live in America. I was born and raised here in Fort Worth, Texas. My parents were born in Mexico and they migrated here as teenagers and I have thanked them for letting it be possible that I was born in the U.S. It is something I will not take for granted. We have freedom of speech and we have other rights that makes this a great country. One opportunity I take advantage of is furthering my education. I will get my degree in Electrical Engineering. Sometimes I see people that are out on the streets and I feel sorry for them but at the same time some of those people have the same opportunities as me and they took it for granted. We are in the land where you there is a variety of race, gender and religions. Many countries do not have this foundation that is what makes America great.


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