Being an “American” to me is a way of life and how you relate to different situations and opportunities. To be an “American” is more than just having the right to vote and to be able to be president but also having that pride inside of you knowing that your roots are here in the United States of America and being honored by it. Being an “American” gives you the freedom of choice, you can choose to have whatever life you desire, you can pursue your happiness and have freedom of speech. I am not from the United States, I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras which is a small country in Central America. My parents decided to up root my whole family and moved here when I was eight years old and after sixteen years of living here in the United States I was finally granted my residency at the age of twenty four years old. I am still not eligible to become a citizen since I have to hold my residency for several years before being able to apply for a status change but I do not feel like it will really make a difference in who I am. I have been brought up in a country where you have a freedom to choose who you are and not have to hide it or fear for your safety. There are many different regions to this day that disallow you to have any religious belief or where certain gender orientations are frown upon and arrange marriages still exist. I have never felt afraid to have an opinion or be afraid to voice it which is different than what my parents felt growing up and in the military unable to voice any little negative feeling toward the president of Honduras since you could be murder for saying anything like that.


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  1. Your blog post stood out to me because I also was brought up here in my new home and had to wait for years before I could apply for a citizenship. I like how you say, ” I do not feel like it will really make a difference in who I am”. I believe that a legal status doesn’t stop many people from being a patriotic and having love and respect for their country. It is a great luxury calling a new country a new home because of the bravery and hard work of our parents. I also agree with you when you say, “we have a freedom to be ourselves and don’t have to hide or fear for our safety”.


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