I am American, born and raised in this great nation but with roots coming from Mexico. I was raised in a small Hispanic community by Mexican parents. All my values and beliefs are based on Mexican culture, I have very little “American” in me but I still feel proud knowing that I am American. I am just as proud of being Mexican, the culture is quite different and it makes me so happy to see that some of that culture is combining with the American culture. I am enjoying the best of what Mexico and America has to offer.

mexico y america

I enjoy living in a place where I am free to chase my dreams and America gives me the opportunities to make those dreams come true.

America is the land of the free, the land of equality and opportunities. Being an American is believing in equality for everyone no matter what religion, race, gender, age and everything else that divides us. Being American means that in some way or another you contribute to the positive growth of this nation. Americans have the responsibility to be good citizens and actually defend the laws of this nation. Coming into this country I had the mind set of what I was going to do for this country not what this country was going to do for me. I am a semester away from becoming a civil engineer, I cannot wait when one day I drive over a bridge and say I designed this, or step into a building that I helped build.


This is how I will contribute to this nation. Other people contribute by joining the military, becoming doctors, working in construction. There are so many ways of contributing to this nation. I am proud to be an American because I came into this country and made it better.


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  1. I can relate to much of your life growing up in a Mexican house hold in America. I feel that people of foreign backgrounds raised in America get the best of both worlds! We get to grow up alongside our rooted culture and traditions with our parents and family. We also grow up to learn and create our own American culture along with peers and mentors outside our family circle. I think that this is where choosing to be a good citizen and choosing to give to this nation comes into play as you stated. Your mindset is a positive and driven mindset that I would like to congratulate you on. You have chased your dream and accomplished it. We thank our parents and this land for the opportunities that are out there for us to conquer.


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