What does it mean for me to be an American?

Being defined as an American is something I take pride in every single day when I wake up. Being an American today is not about who you are and if you were born here. It’s about what you do for your country. Do you stand with your hand over your heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance? How do you contribute to this country? And mostly what do you do to show that you are proud to be here?  Not everyone will agree with me on this, and that’s ok. Everyone’s views are different especially this day in time when there have been moment’s that this country has been tried to the point of people questiong if America is even worth fighting for. My answer is simply yes. America is worth fighting for. I come from a family with a military back ground. Both my grandfather’s served one just retiring last year along with a few aunt’s and unlces that served. Through highschool I toyed with the notion of joing just to keep the family traditoin alive. However after exploring my options for a few years after I graduated I finally took the plundge and joined the Army at the age of 21. Now granted at that time I had a baby on the way and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about her future when I joined. I was however, thinking about my future and what example I could set for my daughter and I felt that giving my life to my country was a good start. Being able to serve and defend my country was on of the biggest privilages I ever recieved. To me there is nothing more American then wanting to do for your country. My decison to join the military was my way of showing my country the gratitude that it so deserved. Being able to freely join on my own free will was extremely rewarding. Now I’m not saying you need to go off and join the military to show that your an American. What I think it means to be an american is if you show your pride for being here. I think its extremely important to do your part whethere you are from here or not. Being able to speak freely, vote, make you own decisons and be heard is what makes American so great. Being American has so much more to do with than your sexual orientation, gender, race, religious preference ect. It has to do with if you exercise your right’s as an American and if you do your part in representing this country. For example, this last presidential election was one of the most conflicting elections. So many people were disappointed or satisfied with the out come. Whether you were for or against the President the privilage and opportunity to exercise your voice and opinion by voting with something that we American’s can say we have the free right to do. And so many of us take if for grandted. Being American is not something you have to be born into. You can come to this country willing it’s done the right way and have the same right’s and freedoms as someone who was born here. Being able to choose what you want to do, who you want to be, where you wan to live is what this country was founded on. Freedom. So in conclusion “Freedom” is what being an American means to me. I get to be free. To make decisions for myself, to live how I choose and I pray and hope our country contiunes to live by the rights so my children can grow and prosper on the right we have to living in freedom every single day. cropped-usflag_shutterstock_162217538.jpg



  1. I agree that some people take America and its privileges for granted, like voting. We spend so much time complaining about what could and can be better. Showing more pride for our country would help people be more grateful for the opportunities we are given. I think people struggle with maintaining this pride because we live in a world where everything is “unfair” and we hate lose at anything. This is true for all of us in many ways, political or not. Being a diverse country, and being a part of a place that allows us to vote is a great opportunity than can end a win or loss for certain people’s beliefs. All in all, I do believe that it is our job as Americans to be respectful of one another not matter what we struggle with. More respect can produce more pride!


  2. I agree with you. Being an American does not mean you were born in one of the 50 states. It does not mean that your family tree shows images of the Mayflower or Plymouth Rock. It does not even mean that you are a descendent of Western Europe. It means that you love America. It means that you may not have been born here but got here as quickly as you could – despite the cost. It means that you are wiling to die for it. Die because America is a place worth dying for. America has a far from perfect past and a very imperfect present. However, if we analyze where this country was only a few centuries ago when it began to where it is now, my goodness! Any fair-minded person would have to acknowledge the leaps and bounds of progress we have made as a nation. And it only encourages me for what lies ahead! This country is fantastic! We are going through quite a bit right now. I hope that in a few years we can look back on today and realize that these were growing pains. Very difficult and often unfair. But growing pains, nonetheless. Growth and evolvement requires time and often pain. I choose to believe that we are currently experience another growing pain! I dream of the better America that will exists when my children are my age. We are a nation that is becoming tired of prejudices and inequality. To live in a country where this progress (although painful) is possible, is a true gift.


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