“We ARE the people…”

Being “American” is being open minded, hardworking, and proud. It is a simple statement, but true in so many ways. These qualities can be contagious if they are actually represented by every American. America should be a place of freedom, but with that there must be qualities we exemplify in order to keep our home a place of love and acceptance. These three qualities are a representation of what I believe makes us true Americans.

First, to be “American”, you must be open-minded. I believe that means to accept others and new changes being made in the world around us. The United States is unique and we are a melting pot of so many different backgrounds, experiences, and religions. Being open-minded to all possibilities is a way to produce respect for others. This positivity will then spread. As Americans, I believe we should be the positivity where all people, ideas, and beliefs are welcomed.

Second, to be an “American” is to be a hard worker. This means to understand that nothing will be handed to you. Barabara Johnson described this perfectly when saying, “What the people want is very simple. They want an America as good as its promise.” This shows that people have such high expectations of what America has to offer. Being a hard worker starts with being goal oriented. If we are constantly striving for goals and growth, we are making our country a better place and keeping its promise.

Third, being proud comes with being an American because we live in a place with endless opportunities. As we discussed before, we live in a place where “The American Dream” is real. I really believe this concept can be used to describe what being American is all about, and that is to create the best opportunities for yourself and strive for a better life no matter what the circumstances. No matter how you look at this concept, we must be proud of ourselves, our country, and our neighbor.

All in all, I believe I am an “American”. Even though sometimes I might not exemplify these three qualities everyday that is what I continue to strive for. There is no such thing as perfection, but we can grow more through noticing these imperfections. I currently work at the Veteran Hospital of Dallas and my time spent there has made me even more thankful than I was before. I am able to care for the individuals that give us these freedoms and it is truly a humbling experience. It has been a way for me to give back, similiar to George Bush’s paintings. In the past couple of days, we have seen controversy over the recent Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner. This commercial has caused an upset with individuals that believe it was insensitive to recent events going on in America and elsewhere. The company had described their commercial as a way they hoped would “project a global message of unity, peace and understanding.” You can read the article from the New York Times through this link.  I have learned that regardless of their goal for the commercial, and what people believe is wrong with it, is that the media will always have too much control over our unity as Americans. The media is a place that can so easily disrupt our qualities of being open-minded, hard working, and proud. It is important to realize that the media is always looking for attention, and it is even more vital to form your own beliefs without it. As “Americans”, we must work together without influence of media if it is distracting us from bringing positivity to ourselves and our neighbor.


Rose, Sara. (2013). The great American melting pot. Bitlanders. Retrieved from http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/the-great-american-melting-pot/74465



  1. Beautifully written, Nicole! I couldn’t agree more with the three points you presented to describe an American. Specifically being open minded. This alone is so crucial to keeping our individual lives and the unity of the country as a whole at peace. Being open-minded in such a diverse culture allows us to learn from each other! I’m realizing now, in my early 20’s that when I take the time to learn from someone who has an entirely different background and beliefs than I, I evolve more as a person and develop a new found respect and insight towards others. Open mindedness holds so much power and could evolve this country significantly if everyone would make a conscious effort to do so. We could learn so much from each other!


  2. In your comments from “We ARE the people” one of your statements indicated in order to be an American, you must be a hard worker. I agree with your statement, the belief that my parents have instilled in me and my siblings, is that if you want something in life, you need to work for it., don’t ask for anything and do never take anything that is handed to you. Hard work is everything and it will pay off!

    We as Americans need to be proud of our country and our heritage, due to the fact that we have endless opportunities due to our founding forefathers and heritage of our great country we call AMERICA!


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