How I define myself as an American

means that I am free to be whom I want to be, I am free to walk where I want to walk, I am free to talk how I want to talk. Being an American can basically give you so many privileges, I see so many other countries that are not allowed these basic things that we often take for granite. Such as education and such things as the wife being able to hold a job and work outside of the home. Being an American simply means I am free to be me. I often feel sometimes it’s harder being an African American Woman in this cruel world due to the fact that Men think that we are not as superior to them as they are to us. Sometimes we get looked upon a lot differently by men. Sometimes I feel men think we don’t know enough to be in position that we are in. But that’s what makes being an American so great!! We have the right to do whatever job we want to do whether its intended for a guy or not we have the right to express ourselves in so many ways that others can only imagine to begin. I love being able to just say what I want to say and not have to suffer consequences of what I say I love the fact that I have an option to say what I want to say out loud I don’t have to hold nothing in. I can come and go as I please although I have to be careful in some areas of the world but I am free to travel and free to go to any part of any country that I chose because I am an American.


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