BLOG POST 2. Film Review

So I recently saw the very popular film ” Get Out”, written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele from the popular comedy tv show, “Key and Peele”. Jordan Peele is an African American who chose to use his status to talk about racism in America and how it is still very much alive. The American dream is for any American. Caucasians, Asian Americans, and African Amwricans all share the same common dream. They want to live the best possible life and live worry free. This is what the American dream strives to complete. it strives to give every single American the best possible life they could think of. In the movie Get Out, a young African American goes to visit his caucasian girlfriend’s family. He meets her mom, dad, and brother. He soon relaizes that the family has been taking over the bodies of young African Americans who the daughter brings to meet the family. The family takes over the body and replaces their soul with that of one of their close friends or relatives. The movie tries to show that their is still  plenty of racism still alive and well in America today. Jordan wants us to realize that every one, not just white Americans have a right to the American dream. He strives to show that they would also like to live a luxurious and worry free life. He wants everyone to live free of prejudice or racism, but also wants to show that it is still very much alive.

In the movie the family is obviously racist because they only use African Americans to kidnap and switch souls with. Jordan wants to get the message out that this is not the American dream that everyone is talking about and while one person might be living the american dream it would not be the American dream unless every single American was also living the American dream lifestyle.


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