American Dream

My dream for every American is to be able to do and say whatever they feel the need to do within reason. i want every single person to be able to express themselves and openly praise and practice any religion that they are accustomed to. our forefathers felt the same way that is why they passed all of the amendments that tell us what every single American citizen has the right to do. if someone does not feel safe walking to the store or walking home from work at night they will be allowed to carry a legal firearm to protect themselves. what it means to be an american is that we live in the most incredible and diverse country in the world. now we are not the best in a lot of areas, in fact we are only number in a few categories and they are not at all areas to be proud of. however we have the richest culture and opportunities to flourish our thoughts and dreams. the american dream is one we all share, every single american can have a dream and each one of those dreams is attainable. the american dream gives every single legal american the same opportunities that every other american has. the american dream tells us that we are all unified and that we all share a common goal.  In America we can always look forward to the opportunity to better one another and to better ourselves and have the opportunity to better ourselves. Ever since Harriet Tubman led the underground railroad towards trying to free themselves we have all had the same common dream of having the best possible life for themselves and their family. The american dream is the iconic reference back to the 1800’s when every one was wanting a better life. it reminds us that anything is possible for anyone.

I have  to disagree with Hughes definition of the American dream. I believe that the American dream is still very much possible and something that most Americans strive for on a daily basis




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  1. I would agree with certain freedoms as being a part of the american dream. Not so much for Americans, as we are accustomed to being obnoxious in the eyes of the rest of the world for stating what many others are too afraid to simply because of the lack of repercussions that the things we say have in this country in comparison to in others. But I definitely think that is part of the american dream for people that literally dream of coming here. I don’t however believe that every american has equal opportunity to do and accomplish the things that they wish to. I think that is a naive viewpoint. Opportunity is granted differently and in different quantities to every individual. I think we would all like to believe that we have the same opportunity and chance of becoming the next Steve Jobs or Donald Trump, but at the end of the day to say that would be entirely false. The american dream of being prosperous because of the rights and freedoms we have here is most definitely a shared dream among all americans, that gives many people the motivation to wake up in the morning and work toward that goal of having the best life possible. But often times we also see that the dream involves absolutely no amount of generosity or hoping the best for others. Most of the time reaching that ideal dream of richness and being able to have everything anyone could ever want is something that involves stepping on others’ shoulders and climbing over people to get there. The ones that look out for others may end up reaching a higher level of happiness, without a doubt. But in my opinion the cliche american dream isn’t being poor living in a tiny apartment helping other people make their lives better. It’s living lavishly with not a care in the world because you have enough money to do so. That requires selfishness, and more of it than I think any genuinely good person could justify.


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