The American Dream to Me

Growing up my idea of the “American Dream” was about having freedom, equality, and a place where opportunities were endless. As I get older I see that the “American Dream” is slightly not what teachers taught it to be. There are limitations when it comes with freedom; laws that have to be played to keep order. There are people who still live in the past ways because those are the views they were raised to believe. Not accepting someone who does not love someone of the opposite sex. Then there are the people who do not consider others as equal due to skin color or gender. There are plenty opportunities, but its about having the passion to reach your goals. In some ways, Langston Hughes’ poem seemed to believed that the “American Dream”was just an idea of what american was suppose to be. He did not live the “American Dream” due to his skin color and the time era, but he did not give up on making the dream real. His poem comes as a reminder of how we forget how it use to be and now these days people expect things to be handed to them or just simply think they are privileged. Langston dreamed of the dreamed and only pushed for the same goal to live the dream as the rest of society.


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  1. This is so very true of the way that things and some people are now a day. I am a firm believer that all people are equal, whether they are man/woman, black/white, or have to wear certain clothes because of their beliefs. America Is a place of the free and to me if this is true, why is it that we still judge people because of religion, sex, marriage choices or simply for how they look.
    It would be a very sad, boring life if we were all alike, had the same dreams and never aspired to try and be something better or something that may be seen as impossible. I am a single, white woman and I am successful, driven and continue to strive for all the dreams I have. I have had men in my life who have tried to control me as in “The Story of an Hour”. No I did not wish him death or anything bad, but when I got the courage to stand up to him, he could not take the person that I had become because I was working around men. So he said. It was not the influence of the men in my field that changed me, it was my ambition to be successful and not have to rely on anyone for the life I will have one day.


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